© Copyright 2010 by AHH, LLC. Who’s paying for the production?  This is self financed, with a little help from our friends. We will maintain creative control throughout the process. When will the movie be out?  Filming is mostly complete. Post-production shouldn’t be too bad, unless I find a really great budget for animations. So it might be ready by the end of the year. I won’t have more details on the release date and locations till later in the process. What can I do to help?  If we ask to interview you, it’d be great if you said yes. If we ask for a loan or donation of equipment, again, a yes answer would be quite welcome. If you have a chain of movie theaters, I’m sure that we can find some way for you to help out. Same if you happen to run a major TV network. If things go well, the best way that you can help will be to make sure that parents who need to see the movie actually get a copy and watch it. Of course, if you happen to have a pile of money that you’d like to part with, it would definitely go to good use… Will it be on DVD and/or BluRay?  Of course! It just may have to wait until the first run in the theaters is over. But given how little time even A list movies hang around in theaters these days, I wouldn’t worry about the delay too much. Do you have a FaceBook page for the movie? Yep. Just look for Autism Healing and Hope, or click the link. Since there are no more FaceBook Fans, maybe you could Like the movie?