© Copyright 2010 by AHH, LLC. Welcome to the website for our upcoming movie, tentatively titled Autism Healing & Hope. The Trailer is up! Click to watch the preview of our movie. This movie is a beginner’s guide to the world of biomedical treatments for the condition known as autism. Typically, when a parent is given this diagnosis for their child, they are told in no uncertain terms that there is nothing that can be done. For some parents, this is the final word. Their trusted doctor just told them not to do anything, so that is what they do. For others, the diagnosis is the beginning of a long and often lonely journey. Between tenacious parents and trailblazing doctors, autism is now being seen as a medical condition. Like most medical conditions, there are many treatments available. When presented with an autistic child that screams and holds his belly, many doctors dismiss the screaming as just a symptom of autism. Other doctors see this behavior as an indication of a child in pain who needs a gastro-intestinal examination. Perhaps the screaming is due to a simple food allergy or reflux. Most of us would scream about that if we didn’t have the words to communicate the problem. While not all treatments will work for every child, the key is in finding the right treatment or combination of treatments for your child. Some children show minor improvement due to the elimination of pain, while others have shown dramitic improvements in their condition. There is also a growing legion of children that have lost their diagnosis entirely. The goal of this film is to show some of the doctors, therapists, treatments and therapies that are currently helping kids around the world. For the parent of a newly diagnosed child, simply knowing that there are options is the beginning of hope.